Holy Record is a music distributor and record company. Starting from genres such as classical, folk and rock music, it goes through jazz and blues to arrive at reggae, electronic music and the most diverse musical and singing experimentations. The selection of works takes place through a careful selection of the technical abilities of musicians and based on poetic, satirical or emotional levels the texts are able to evoke.

Luca Torzolini is an innovator in the field of publishing, art business and film production / distribution. After having founded Holy Eye magazine (and before Re-volver Magazine), Holy Expo gallery, Holy Edit publishing house and Holy Film Distribution, he directed many documentaries about internationally renowned personalities in the field of art, philosophy and science. To this day, he has established bridges of cultural exchange between Italy-China and Italy-America and he is creating the basis for a diffusion of culture and artworks without borders.

Record labels such as Kut Music and Studio Chez have decided to join the Holy Record project and co-distribute music albums in order to enhance the diffusion and listening of works by acclaimed and brave avant-garde genes. Under the expectations of music lovers and critics, we preserve the right to dare in order to satisfy and evolve those who have ears and good taste.

Independent artists, opposed to mass-market logic with slavery contracts against the artist, have decided to establish a link with Holy Record for the free and healthy nature of collaboration: it is important that the work arrives to people who know how to enjoy it and find the deepest sense.